SSTP Activity Report, Lagos

Sub Saharan Turning Point (SSTP) made visits to two new locations in Lagos, Nigeria in early July, 2015. Our mission was to tour the facilities and determine how we could be of help to each of them.

little saintsFirst we visited the Little Saints Orphanage located at Palmgrove Estate, Lagos, Nigeria. SSTP brought food items such as packs of noodles, loaves of bread, packs of biscuits, and semo flour meals. The items were graciously received by the staff of the home. They thanked SSTP for their support and prayed for more assistance in the future. Future needs included additional food, school uniforms, sandals, and even a school bus.

SSTP then visited an Old People’s Home, near Queens College in Sabo, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. We came to inquire from them what they need and how we can be of any assistance to them.

The administrator was very happy that we had time to visit with them and she was very appreciative of our good gesture. Before leaving she requested for food products, clothes, wheel chairs, and medical care. She commended SSTP for what it is doing in Lagos and elsewhere and for a making a difference in people’s lives.