This is not just a home for vulnerable and disabled children but a therapeutic center for rehabilitation, education, and counselling. The home is currently located at 48 Foreman St., Udising,Enugu North, Enugu State, Nigeria. We have been visiting and assisting home with food, articles of clothing, toiletries, etc. We are not happy with their living condition, the nature of their current residence. No one cares it seems! When we visited the first time, they were almost out of food, but God has a way of answering prayers. Our organization therefore decided to adopt them. We have been notified that the property owner wants them to vacate building.So, we need fund to purchase land and to build a presentable facility. We have found 4 parcels of land and each parcel is estimated at $3750.00. Majority of the children, if not all are abandoned. We desire to change people’s mind set, to begin to see these children as people worthy to be cared for and loved.








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The project as shown sits an two parcels of land with provision for parking spaces.

  • It is big enough to accommodate 80 children with spaces in between  for wheelchairs to move around.
  • Courtyard within the compound for outdoor activities
  • Indoor activity & rehabilitation, health clinic room
  • A multi purpose room near kitchen for dinning, devotion.
  • Big storage room for donated food
  • Pantry
  • Nice kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Clean bathrooms

This would be a place for would be parents of disabled children to bring them to rather than throwing them away literally, abandoning or killing them.We want to educate these parents and the communities, to get them involved in these children’s lives and to help dispose of misguided customary beliefs.

Our estimated budget for land purchase, build out, labor, furnishing and equipping facility is $100,000. Here is how you can help and we very much appreciate your givings.:

Direct Deposit USA:  Sub Saharan Turning Point/ Bank of America /Account no: 488044381145/Route no: 111000025- (paper & electronic)                                                          026009593 (wires)

Nigeria: Sub Saharan Betterment Care Foundation/ GT Bank/ Account no: 22230331060

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Please Note: Sub Saharan Turning Point (SSTP) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization registered in the United States. The IRS Document Location Number (DLN) is; 26053422001866. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.