Programs :: Environmental Issues/Recycling

pollutionOne of the lesser known issues affecting the people of the Sub-Saharan, yet has the potential to be just as deadly as many diseases and healthcare deficits is the matter of poor roadways and pollution throughout the region.

Often times you hear or read about a commercial transport vehicle filled with passengers, veering off the road, colliding with an abandoned car on a highway and killing or maiming most of its passengers. Stories like this are very common. Not only are families greatly affected by the death of loved ones, the environment is adversely affected as well in many ways.

First, it is an eye sore to have much littering, so many broken and abandoned vehicles. They become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rodents. This in turn leads to malaria infestations and hosts of other  medical and health related issues.

We are currently raising funds to embark on recycling campaign. We will develop and distribute materials to educate the citizenry of the need to recycle, what can be recycled and advantages of recycling. Recycling will also create some employment opportunities and provide economic benefit. We have plans to acquire lands and the necessary machinery to recycle the products that current litter the area.