Events / Reports :: Victoria Street Elderly Forum, Lagos

victoria1SSTP, for the first time, was able to gather in Lagos, Nigeria several destitute elderly people under the roof of a local church where they were ministered to. Many others could not make it. SSTP thought it would be easier and better to meet at a local church. In this way, the local church would keep an eye on them and to follow up on their needs. In addition, SSTP hopes it will foster social interactions to help alleviate loneliness which many of these people face. The church agreed to allow SSTP to use their meeting room for future engagements. We had a bigger event In September, 2015 in response to their request for food products. We had over 65 elderly people showed up and each person received a bag containing rice, beans , garri, and tin tomatoes. A company donated loaves and loaves of bread while as another donated phone cards.

victoria2In advanced countries, there are safety nets and programs geared towards the welfare of the elderly. Unfortunately, it is not the same in Sub Sahara Africa. These people are neglected and left to fend for themselves. They are sick, some are worse off. You find people asking for incontinent supplies or bronchodilators or just a loaf of bread. A loaf of Bread! Our short term plan is to continue to provide them needed food items. Our long term goal is to provide requested seeds to farmers and farm tools to those who able to farm.