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Sub Saharan Betterment care Foundation (SSBCF)  was made aware of facilities in Enugu, Nigeria that needed some assistance. Those facilities were Cheshire Home for the Disabled,  City of Refuge Destitute Home and the Oji River Leprosy Settlement. So in September 2016 accompanied by Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Enugu,  the organization visited and presented them with cooked meals. They also received yet to be cooked food items such as bags of Rice, Garri, Indomie,  2 bails of used clothes, tissue papers, etc. They have many needs, wished we could have done more, they are the least of the least, the forgotten ones in the community and they made indelible impression on our crew members. 






This is a home  filled with over 60 highly disabled children who in many cases were abandoned by their parents. However, we  were saddened by the deplorable state of the facility that we decided to adopt the home. The worse is that the property owner has given the home notice to vacate. We are therefore soliciting for fund to acquire plots of land and to construct a loving home for them. This would be a place where would be parents with disabled children can bring them to instead of throwing them away or killing them, a place of counselling and education. Our estimated budget is $100,000 which will include plots of land, building, and furnishing. Please find below ways you can contribute, no amount is too small.

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On behalf of SSTP and SSBCF ,  I want to thank all our volunteers who came out and supported these events. I want to also thank Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) in Enugu for honoring our invitation and thereby bringing awareness and shining lights to the needs of the community, especially the needs of the neglected and forgotten ones.The Foundation is leading the way and it is inviting you to come join in to make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling and hurting. Here is how you can help us:

Food donation: garri, beans, rice, yams, corn, canned and non perishable food items

New and used clothes in good condition

School supplies- exercise books, pencils, pens, school bags, sandals

SSTP is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization in America which means your financial contribution is deductible.

Direct Deposit USA:  Sub Saharan Turning Point/ Bank of America /Account no: 488044381145 Route no: 111000025- (paper & electronic)                                                          026009593 (wires)

Nigeria: Sub Saharan Betterment Care Foundation/ GT Bank/ Account no: 22230331060

Or click “Get Involved” on the website page to donate.

Thank you,

Ben-el Onwuelezi