Events / Reports :: Eku Village, Nigeria

eku-mainCOME JOIN GOD’S WORK in ministering to the orphanage, the hospital, the Bible College, the leper colony, the nursing school, the pastors, the churches, the widows, the village, the schools, and the abandon and forsaken.

Several years ago in East Texas, I met a lady where I was working at. She asked me, “Where are you from”? She is white with an African accent. That’s strange, perhaps she is from Southern part of Africa, an Afrikaner, I thought. I told her my name and that I migrated to the United States from Eastern Nigeria. Then she said, nwanem nwoke, kedu? Aham bu Mary Posey, which means, my brother, how are you? My name is Mary Posey. I learned that she is a missionary kid, born and raised in Nigeria and that she and her husband are continuing with the work her parents started at Eku. Mary is a very humble servant of God. In summer 2015, she came to where I was working in Mesquite, Texas to tell me that she will be travelling to Nigeria and to thank me and SSTP for our assistance to them. I was surprised that she came in person to see me, I never expected that.

Recently, I learned from Richard, the overseer of the orphanage/widows/school/hospice care center that they wish to buy about 9 plots of land adjacent to the care center. The plots would be cultivated and farmed. The produce would be used to feed the residents, the rest would be sold and the revenue would be used to support the many programs there. When I communicated with Richard in December 2015, the seller was asking for about 2 Million Naira for the 9 plots. That is about $6700.00 at an exchange rate of $1.00 to 300 Naira.

The invitation to come join God’s work in Eku village is still open. Your charitable given is tax deductible.