Donations to Achi community, Mbieri in Imo State, Nigeria

Thanks to Walgreens Drug company, Kimberly – Clark corporation, and individuals for their donations. The gifts will definitely be cherished by Achi, Mbieri school children and the the community at large, especially this Christmas season. Click on link: to see how you can be of more help to them. One of the major issue facing the community is lack of a health center or a clinic. Currently, they conduct  their  bi-monthly clinics in a school building which is not really very condusive. Now, no gift is too big, the needs are numerous due to many reasons, the major one is dereliction of duty or responsibilty by the ruling class. Our goal is to help bridge or narrow the gap in government services. We would like you to join us that we may reason together for the benefits of those less fortunate than we are.

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